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I'd love to make a list. New year's resolution is one of the things, I almost forget about it at the end of the year, though. I want to list some ideas for 2017:

  • Keep writing a blog as much as I did last year. But the difference is that the posts will be written by English.
  • Read more. When I read something, it still very slow. Probably I will grab Kindle again, want to spend more time with the text.
  • Do coding. I didn't do anything with open source in last year because of the translation. I want to make something.

This list is the three big things in this year. Will see what I can achieve at the end.

Also, I want to mention here something, I didn't speak in public just yet. I got an opportunity from somewhere else. The position is a quite different rather than the current one. I need to digest new environments and also tech stacks.

It's almost 5 years since I moved in Melbourne. I always said that English is the important if someone want to live here, but I didn't do any effort during this period. I did some preparation for IELTS once, that study was not intence at all because the goal was quite low points. In this time, I want to study intensively. My expectation of this year is studying like a gosam does.

Practice makes perfect. Everyone knows that, most of people doesn't do that. I will make it for the perfection with this resolution in this year.

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