I love to have green plants, especially indoors, but I am not good at maintaining them. (Have you heard about Indoor Plant Serial Killer?) This page will keep a record of my plant's maintenance and cultivation.


  • Water thoroughly (check by finger or lifting)
  • Clean the leaves from dust, debris
  • Check the light requirement and place it with an adequate amount of light!


Pothos (Devil's Ivy)

Everyone said this is an easy one but the one I have dried out. I pruned a few stems right before the death and propagated them using the water method.

  • Love humid (but not soaking wet)
  • Rainforest plants so make larger leaves in a warm, humid environment
  • Love to climb
    • Grow roots into the bark so that the plant can have some moist
    • Use a hook or hairpin to put the vine into the pot so that the plant can have a denser look.
  • Propagation: Cut the vine (the little nubs become roots), water, or soil


I got some baby cutting and potted it.

  • Love dry (water when it fully dries)
  • Okay with indirect sunlight, but a boost in direct sunlight
  • Propagation: water, soil, divide, cut a leaf from the near base or separate in 5cm

African Violets

My in-law's favorites. I knocked over one of the pots, and the leaves fell. So I am trying to propagate them using the water.

  • Love dry
  • Propagation: cut the leaf, water, or soil.

Peperomia Obtusifolia (Baby Rubber Plant)

I bought it a long time ago. It just went well without care. It survived in low light, but I'm not sure it is ideal for this plant.

  • Propagation: cut the leaf, vine, or separation

Plumeria (Frangipani)

We had a big one in the front yard, and it fell this summer due to the high wind. I pruned all the stems just in case. I will propagate those stems at some point next year.

  • Propagation: cut the steam, dry, then put it into the soil

Calatheas (Peacock Plant)

Currently, the peacock one looks very weird, so I need to do more research on that.